The Auto Waterer

Columbia Elementary

Team Members: Pablo D. (5th), Marc J. (5th), Caleb K. (5th)

Design Documentation

Energy Steps

  1. Car to ball
  2. Ball to remote control
  3. Remote control moves RC truck
  4. RC truck to cup
  5. Cup to ball
  6. Ball to wall
  7. Wall to water bottle
  8. Water bottle to plant

Battery Use

The remote and RC truck are both battery-operated.

End Step

The final step is the plant is watered.

Car to ball
Ball to remote control
RC truck to cup
Ball to wall
Wall to bottle
Water to plant

The Video

3 thoughts on “The Auto Waterer

  • Good job explaining your plan in the beginning.

    What an ingenious way of using an RC car to water your plants.

  • Very creative to use the RC car as one step in the energy transfer. That’s action at a distance!

  • It was good to see the drawing of your plans. Using a large RC car in the process is something I haven’t seen before.


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