The Rosy Riveters

School: Pershing K-8

Team members: Shaun M, Vincent C

Grade: 7th grade

Animal: Rosy Boa

Facts about Rosy Boas

  • Rosy Boas are found in a lot of deserts, ranging from the Colorado Desert, the Mojave Desert, and even part of the Sonoran Desert.
  • Rosy Boas are nocturnal.
  • Rosy Boas have a good temperment.
  • Rosy Boas are some of the smallest types of boas.

Ideal habitat for a Rosy Boa

  • Dry, rocky woodlands
  • 40-60% Humidity
  • Cool area should never be below 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the warm side should be between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit with a basking area of 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit

Materials used for our critter cottage

  • Cage
  • A few rocks
  • A hammock
  • A few sticks (Freshly picked and baked in the oven to kill off any bacteria)
  • A hide

The only part of the habitat that is new is the cage and the aspen bedding. We either took items from nature (sticks) or used cage parts from older cages in our classroom.

Video of Rosy enjoying her newly made cage.

How is this cage an improvement on her last cage?

This new cage is a huge improvement on her old one. Not only is it bigger, it has more rocks, more sticks, and even a net to climb on! This new cage also allows for a less powerful heat lamp due to its covered sides as it retains heat better than glass. The cage is more energy efficient.

The top picture is Rosy’s new cage, and the bottom one is her old one.

Critter Test

We chose our critter because we planned to renovate her cage, and now that she has this new cage, it is obvious that she is loving it! For starters, she is now very active, opposed to when she would just sit there, doing nothing in her old cage. She also has a better substrate, allowing for better burrow. Her new cage also has more basking areas, allowing her to bask more often. The video below just further proves how much she likes her cage.




During our project, we came across many challenges, the biggest one being time. We only had 1-2 hours every to every other day to work on our cage, and then our website, so we were on huge time crunches. We also had trouble with out cage, since you had to put it together, it was a hassle, especially when the screws weren’t tightened enough. Overall, we had a few setbacks, but nothing that stopped us dead in our tracks.

Internet sites used,be%20between%2040%2D60%25. : General Rosy Boa information about its habitat and lifestyle

Information about Rosy Boa information

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  • A big improvement for Rosie! I really liked the net. I’m sure she will appreciate her new home.


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