Solar Chefs

Wesley and Caden, 4th graders at Ocean Breeze Elementary

Cooking Day was sunny and warm. Outside temp was 80F. Our inside thermometer read 160F. We kept taking out the jar and shaking it to mix the heat. We switched the jar to a clear jar because it was not getting hot in the black jar. We ate the soup when it was 100F. we shared with friends.

This is Wesley, and Caden 4th grade, the solar chefs. if you look at the right photo you will see our recording paper and on the left you will see our oven. Now This is test 3 and we got it to 180 degrees F, that’s a lot. We also added Velcro to keep the seal nice and tight that keeps it HOT

Now Watch our video.

Wesley and Caden the solor chefs. Oven test 3

So you saw our video and if you wanted to see what we were cooking, we are going to cook canned tomato soup. We got Mrs. Mentillo to cut us a new plastic seal since the last one melted. We used Velcro to keep the seal tight. We painted the inside black and we made a brick painted black to make it really hot. We put silver panels on cardboard sheets and taped them to the solar oven and used sticks to keep it up. We put two layers of foam for insulation. We got the black spay pan from Mrs. Mentillo too because we know that black consumes heat. It is sprayed with safe high-heat paint.

Now look at a picture of our data sheet. oh and for test 2 the reason why it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit it’s because it was in the shade. and we left it out for a long time on test 3.

our chart

Now this is Caden and Wesley the solar chefs at Ocean Breezes Elementary. Bye.

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    • I meant to say cool really big but it deleted the spaces

    • great job I love how you used creativity 10/10
      food looks delishous 9/10
      it must be really hot because the plastic seal melted 10/10 heat



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