The Sun Says

Maaya M , 2nd Grade , Timber Lakes Elementary School

Hi Guys,

My name is Maaya. I am in second grade and this is my Energy Inspired Art, THE SUN SAYS. With my art I want to tell people that we should use Sun’s energy and save earth. Let’s use solar energy. The Sun is special to me, so I gave it hair instead of sun rays.


4 thoughts on “The Sun Says

  • This is very well done! Great job!

  • Your imagery of the Sun’s rays as hair (beautiful flowing hair), is just the way it sometimes feels to me on a bright spring morning. Good job!

  • Beautiful personalization of sun and a sweet motivation to use more solar energy. Great thoughts.

  • This is so wonderful. I love that a 2nd grade wolf pup is already starting to want to protect the earth and learn about ways that the sun can be helpful.


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