Vibots Recycled

Daisy and  Alaiyah 6 grade

Car weight 241.6 grams

Our teams were tasked to use recycled material for our JSS cars. We found these items that were leftovers form the bottle rocket lesson, a plastic top and some old JSS parts.
We decided to use the top because it was flat and could be easier to mount the wheels and motor.
measure and mark for wheels

So far so good

We discovered that the plastic top was to weak to support the wheels, motor and panel mount so we made a chassis from balsa wood.
Yahoo! great fit.
We use LEGO parts for the panel mount. The panel can be tilted to face the sun.
Just a little bling and off to test.
We placed the panel a little forward to take weight off the back wheels.
Test date 4/22/21
Some battle damage from testing

3 thoughts on “Vibots Recycled

  • Well designed and built car. It seemed to run really fast–and straight! However, I especially liked that you took the extra time to add the bling. It makes it look polished!

  • Nice design and use of recycled materials. Great visual documentation of the process with pictures and final video of an excellent run. Congratulations and good luck.

  • Nice design with the adjustable panel, and it ran very fast, great work!


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