Black Horse Rodgers Middle Magnet

Angel of incidence is 180             
Car frame is 9 grams and is carbon of amazon it was 20 dollars it I light.
Back wheels and front are both 1 grams
Ping ball is one gram.
The motor is 40 grams.
Battery pack 6 grams
Solar panel is 100 grams.
My method of sketching was taking the carbon put it on paper the sketch after that I would put it on wood cut that then cut car.
My car was 12 grams before cut.
The wheel is one of the most impotent wit factors because chaps the balance of the car.
The axel is steel.
We used a book comb to connect to line.
The gear ratio is 1-4.
I used pins to hold the ball.
I used Lago parts to hold solar panel and can change angles.
Used a three-way switch is connected two a button that tunes on and off and switch between solar power and battery.
The kit is 40 in total I spent 60 dollars.

2 thoughts on “Black Horse Rodgers Middle Magnet

  • I like the tilting solar panel. That will help depending on what time your race is and where the sun is in the sky. I would like to see some time trials on the video or listed on the webpage, though. Great job.

  • Very interesting design using the carbon fiber material. The chassis looks so light. I am looking forward to seeing this car in action!


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