Addison, Eden, Kayla and Ella, a team of 4th graders

It took 41 trials before success!

So first time it actually worked! I really wish I wasn’t in the way but oh well. We have struggled to make this work and the hard work actually paid off. As a team we worked together to fight through the difficulties of this challenge.

6 thoughts on “Circuit

  • It was an ozo bot 🤖- Eden from circuit 2 to last project😍

  • This machine is really cool. I’m surprised you made it run so long because some Rube Goldberg/energy transfer machines I’ve tried haven’t run that long. Your use of string, dominoes and cars was cool to see. Nice job!

  • I am so impressed how long you made your project run! That was the hardest part for my students and you four did such a great job! Was that a bristle bot at the beginning? I love the use of dominos, strings, and cars. Awesome!

  • It’s very commendable that you persisted through 41 trials to get this to work.

  • The commitment to such an intricate machine was very impressive!

    Congrats, you 4th graders rock!

  • That a very complex machine with lots of steps. The use of string between distant parts was very clever. I would loved to have seen an explanation of the different transfers and maybe some insight into how you came up with different parts. Great work!


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