SuperNova Inc.

Credits: William G, Ben O, Ben V, Keyton G, Michael R, Sophia A. All in 5th grade at Ocean Breeze Elementary

We put reflective panels on to large pieces card board to intensify the sun light

Are plan is to attach them to a metal pan and put food in the middle of the pan.

we put styrofoam on the back of each panel for insulation so it have much more heat
This method can get almost to 200•Fahrenheit

We are going to put the panels around the pan to get heat and then put magnifying lenses on top of the pan to heat it up even more.

Trials: First we made the panels and tried to find ways to hold them up ,second we decided that we would put wooden Pikes to support them, third we put magnifying lenses to get more heat, last we made a support for the magnifying lens.

Our final results were 230 F + The thermometer was under the lens but above the food..

This is our food the recipe was heavy cream,Dijon mustard,minced ,garlic ,butter,

2 thoughts on “SuperNova Inc.

  • Brilliant!!!

  • OMG! Love the idea! I think it is so cool that the fresnel lens can refract the light of the sun onto the focal point and heat up the oven!


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