Critter Knights

Engineers of the American Bullfrog Habitat

Lockmar Elementary school

Stacy Y., Cody C., Emmett O., and Elias M.

All team members are in 3rd grade.

Thank you!

A special THANK YOU to all those that helped us!

Help from non-team members

. internet – design, research, and documents

. Ms. Lucas – collecting supplies, construction of the lid, and grammer.

.Mr. Bailey – cut the wood for the lid.

. Emily – 6th grader that helped us learn how to design and create our pamphlet.


Parts used for construction:

. Glass tank – repurposed tank

. Lid – screen, wood, brackets, and screws.

. Rocks and plants for decor. Repurposed from other projects.

. Solar Panel and lights.

Solar Power

Our tank uses solar power to light up the Bullfrog enclosure. The solar panel takes the light energy or solar energy from the sun, transfers it into electrical energy and powers up what is connected to it. A special feature of the solar panel is that the energy is transferred through a usb port. Many items have usb connectivity to them.

Using solar power is green living, this means we are using renewable resources, or resources that won’t run out.

Critter Test

Introducing an animal to our habitat.

. Our habitat is designed to house an American Bullfrog, however any amphibian, reptile or small critter could also call our enclosure home.

Our habitat was designed for an amphibian. Unfortunately due to the colder weather we were not able to catch a frog to test our tank. No one in the group or those asked could locate one either. (When you want to find something it’s never there!) We are positive that any Bullfrog or frog would love our tank. Since the inside of our tank looks like a frogs habitat, it would feel right at home.

We think this tank would be a great home for any long term pet amphibian, reptile, or small mammal that you would want to house in it.

3 thoughts on “Critter Knights

  • Great job! This is a perfect way to help save energy and also help nature!

  • Great looking habitat. I love that you can change the solar lights change color depending on the needs of the frog. I can tell you did a lot of research to figure out how to keep the frog safe and heathy. Great job

  • What a great looking habitat. I love that you have the different color lights for the different needs of the frog. I also love that the habitat can be used for different amphibians. You can tell that you guys did a lot of work to figure out what the bullfrog needs in it’s habitat to be safe and healthy. Great job.


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