Project Hex

2 thoughts on “Project Hex

  • Very unique vehicle design! Your webpage is very eye-catching, too. I am looking forward to seeing your car in action!

  • Very nice! I’m a beekeeper so I have to say great job using the honeycomb for your design. You were exactly right when you said in the video that the hex pattern is as structurally sound as a filled-in wall. One flaw in that, however, is that the body is not very aerodynamic and the walls may be too thick. You likely don’t need then as thick and if you sanded them down to half the size, they would be plenty sturdy and not near as heavy. I would also think about rounding the edges to make it “cut” through the air easier. This can also be done with some quick sandpaper work. I don’t see a steering mechanism either. Make sure you put one on for the race. Awesome website too. I really liked the visual aspect of using all the colors and designs. Awesome, awesome job!


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