Seve S. and Hudson H.

Hidden Oaks Middle School

Sixth Grade

Guinea Pig & Rabbit Shelter

LIST OF HELP: Hudson’s father helped to hammer in the wood structure with nails. We needed to secure the inside foundation. We found that the box on its own was collapsing and needed to be reinforced. We also used a few internet websites to research about guinea pigs and bunnies in the wild because my animals are domestic pets. CRITTER TEST: The animals were nervous when they first entered the critter cottage but very quickly started to nibble on the hay enclosure. They became comfortable with the habitat pretty quickly. They ran through it and grazed in it for about 7 minutes the second time we tested if they liked it. TEAMWORK: Hudson and Seve decided on the project, design and purpose. Hudson had the pets and supplies. Seve measured the boxes and animals. Both of us put the cottage together. Hudson tested the cottage for durability and camouflage. Seve stored the cottage. Both boys gave presentations. Hudson made the instructional video. We chose the design to fit both the rabbit and guinea pig because they are a bonded pair. We wanted it to be safe, secure, function as a shelter and food source if needed. We wanted it to blend in with the Florida landscape so the animals could hide and not be preyed upon. The items all used in this design are recycled, all natural and eventually even biodegradable. This habitat will likely break down into mulch and even be good for the ground and help plants grow after the animals move on.

One thought on “Seve S. and Hudson H.

  • Very functional play area for a bunny and a guinea pig. As a bunny owner, I know how much they love cardboard boxes and tunnels! Not sure you can call it a ‘habitat’, but it is an excellent play and enrichment area.


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