The Batmen

Project Log

Design Documentation

Back view without solar panel

left side

Right side without solar panel

Left side with solar panel


Left side without solar panel

Design Drawings

Finished Car Specifications

Gear Ratio: 5 to 1

Wheel Size: 256 g.

Car size: 27.5 cm

Weight: 4.5 cm circumference




Extra balsa


Included in Solar Car kit

Balsa, Gears, Wheels, Solar Panels, Axles, Motor and Instruction Pamphlet. Combined cost around 48 dollars

Vehicle Performance Test

2 thoughts on “The Batmen

  • Nice, sleek design. I am looking forward to seeing this one race! Good job on the documentation of your design process!

  • Cool design! The aesthetics of the Batmobile were functional in this car because it supported the solar panel. It also allowed your car to be aerodynamic and light. The website was good, but I don’t see a video anywhere. I also couldn’t tell if it had a steering mechanism. Make sure you have that to stay on the track during the race.


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