The Deconstructed Mouse Droid

DLE Jedi Scientists STEM Club

Dream Lake Elementary

E. Cruz and C. Biaggi

Our solar powered car was made using the Pitsco kit from online. Our teacher received it from the Orange County Public School’s Science Department for FREE! We added two additional parts to our car: part of a cardboard tube to hold the ping pong ball and two stips of velcro to attach the solar panel to the top of our car.

Our car has a special feature: We have added two options for the solar panel. It can face left or right depending on where the Sun is shining at the time of the race.


2 thoughts on “The Deconstructed Mouse Droid

  • I love the theme that was chosen. The adjustable solar panel is a great idea and I love how you delivered it. A solid-looking and unique solar car! Amazing work here, Jedi Scientists.

  • The adjustable solar panel is a done in a very ingenious way. Great thinking! The car looks very sturdy. I really like your theme, too. Good work Jedi Scientists!


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