Team: Burnt Chimkin Nuggets Grade: Rohan-6th Amaya-8th.

Organization Name

The reason we named our car Burnt chicken Nugget is because it is black like a Burnt chicken nugget.

Organization Name

Our team is representing and supported by the STEM Tech academy in Melbourne Florida. They focus on promoting STEM activities to disadvantaged youth. we do Lego robotics, and drawing, solar projects, reading and other activities.

Team members



March 9, 2024

On the first day we talked about how solar cars work and look at other teams’ cars. We also drew the top design of the car.

March 16, 2024

Today we add the measurements to the top view of the car and drew the side view of the car and the measurements.


March 30, 2024

Today we drew the logo for our team, we cut out the frame for the car. Also, we put the axle, gear and wheel and glued it together to the frame.

We are still working on our build and have to do our time trials. There was issues putting in the pictures we have right now.

2 thoughts on “Team: Burnt Chimkin Nuggets Grade: Rohan-6th Amaya-8th.

  • Thanks for providing your meeting log, but I cannot judge based on that alone. You will need to add pictures of your car at the very least. Be sure to read the scoring guide.


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